William Pihl

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Following the successful venture of William Pihl & Associates, Bill, Dan and Dave joined forces in 1983 when they founded Pihl, Gutierrez, Garretson & Roberts, Inc. to provide retirement plan and actuarial consulting services for clients in the bay area. While the size and shape of his businesses has changed over the years, he has never abandoned his desire to help people plan for retirement and that remains true to this day. Bill has previously served as an Advisory Board Member for both the Charles Schwab Company and Fidelity Investments, and served as a past Board Member for the American Society of Pension Actuaries. He became an Enrolled Actuary in 1976. While he has dedicated much of his life to pension consulting and actuarial efforts, he is a world-class fly fisherman and travels the globe in search of the perfect fishing spot. Ask him to show you some of his amazing fishing pictures! When not helping friends and clients, or catching the big fish, he and his wife enjoy life in the beautiful area of Scottsdale Arizona.