Let’s think about your retirement plan differently.


Retirement plans can become another full-time job for companies and business owners. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a way for you to trust someone else to make sure that the plan is being monitored and that when something requires your attention, you will be informed?

Hallelujah – we found a way! PGR Solutions can be your plan’s fiduciary advisor.

Which fiduciary obligations can PGR help with?

As a retirement plan expert, PGR is a registered investment advisor that can act as a fiduciary to your retirement program. Here’s how:

- Investment Monitoring and Management

PGR selects suitable investments for your retirement program and makes sure they stay that way for the duration that they are in the plan. Clients are provided with Quarterly reports.

- Investment Policy Statement

Our investment team creates an Investment Policy Statement, which is a document that governs how the investments are chosen within the plan. We make sure this is up to date and accurate in the event that your plan was ever audited or questioned.

- Fiduciary Training

We educate Plan Sponsors on their responsibilities and what expectations the Department of Labor has when it comes to administering these programs.

- Overall Plan Health

Our team makes it our job to help the plan grow and flourish in all capacities. We monitor the participation rates, deferral rates, investment performance, loans and distributions to make sure the plan is growing in the best interest of your plans participants and their beneficiaries.

- Participant Education and Engagement

Your dedicated representative will conduct on-site employee education and one-to-one meetings with all participants to make sure they understand their investment options and recognize a clear goal or strategy within their portfolio.

- Trustee Reviews

Annually or semi-annually, your representative will come to your location and meet with plan sponsors and trustees of the plan. He or she will conduct a full comprehensive review of the plan’s status and make any recommendations to improve the plan.

- Plan Design Improvement Strategies

There are different strategies that can enhance or help your program’s overall plan health. We strive to uncover those strategies and allow Plan Sponsors, business owners, and participants the best retirement outcomes possible.

- Fee Benchmark & Vendor Review

PGR Solutions will help you vet your vendors and their services, as well as provide a comprehensive benchmark their fees. The retirement plan industry can be convoluted with fees that are hard to understand, and make it difficult to know what you are paying, and what you should be paying. We can help make that more transparent.

- Vendor Liaison

We serve as an extension of your team and will communicate with your participants to answer all plan related questions. We will also utilize our expertise to work with the other plan vendors to make sure everything is running smoothly and you have all the information you need.

We understand that retirement plan responsibilities can be exhausting. At PGR Solutions, we intend to take the “tire” out of retirement plans.

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