Quarterly Reports

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This report features world capital market performance and a timeline of events for the quarter. It begins with a global overview, then features the returns of stock and bond asset classes in the US and international markets. The report also illustrates the impact of globally diversified portfolios and features a quarterly topic.

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Retirement Plan Costs – Broken down and explained

Like all employee benefits, retirement plans have costs associated with the services rendered. It can be particularly confusing for plan sponsors and corporate CFOs to recognize what the cost is for the program. We have created a guide to help plan sponsors clearly identify those fees and understand what the plan actually costs. This guide is intended to be generic and help plan sponsors navigate the fees and costs of a retirement plan. PGR Solutions does not necessarily charge all of the fees described here.

Now and Then


The volatility of the markets has been a roller coaster ride so far this year. Many have their opinions for the cause, but a historical perspective is most helpful in determining not only how to react to it but how to navigate through it. The executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, Dave Goetsch, recently reflected on this by writing of his experience with market volatility and how that has influenced his reaction to it today.

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