Brexit. Now what?

Now that the Brexit vote has happened, many people are wondering what, if anything, they should do with their investments.  As Brexit is just the latest in a countless number of events that have sharply affected the world’s stock markets over the years, we continue to recommend remaining disciplined to a well-structured investment strategy.  To read more about this latest event please click on the following link:

Declaration, by Doug Davey

What is Fiduciary Advice?

The Department of Labor announced a substantial overhaul in the regulation of financial advice given on retirement savings. Central to this discussion are two terms: fiduciary and suitability. What does it mean for an advisor to operate on a fiduciary standard, and how does this differ from a suitability standard? To learn more, click on the following link:

What is Fiduciary Advice?

Unhealthy Attachments

Have you ever made yourself suffer through a bad movie because, having paid for the ticket, you felt you had to get your money’s worth?  Some people treat investment the same way.  Behavioral economists have a name for this tendency of people and organizations to stick with a losing strategy purely on the basis that they have put so much time and money into it already. It’s called the “sunk cost fallacy.” Click on the following link to read the rest of the article by Jim Parker:

Unhealthy Attachments by Jim Parker